Introduction to IOT @Mozilla

What if I tell you that there is a term that 87% of people in the World aren’t aware of,even though its traces can be backtracked to 1974

More of a buzzword nowadays, IOT or simply Internet Of Things is something we don’t exactly feel comfortable with. Something that sounds simple, yet confines so much more than we can imagine.

Hence with the same feelings, I found myself at a seminar on the same topic organized by the Mozilla MP Community or the Mozillians(as they are called) who have been working in the field for many years now. The seminar took place in IET-DAVV, Indore in a series of events organized under the Science Week Celebrations. I look forward to give you the insights of the very event that i became a part of and believe it raises questions that i can answer later on..

Rather than just mentioning the Mozilla Community, it would be unwise not to mention the speakers of the event who came from far distances to enlighten us on the subject. The key speakers were Deepesh Mongia and Trishul Goel.

Like the commentary, i am not going to go step-on-step and explain everything they did. on the other hand, we are going to focus on the theme and major talking points.

Starting from the basics, they went all the way up to its uses and hacks that can be used to make this world a better place to be. Hack can be a strong word. In my language, it’s just a smart way of usage. Talking about hacks, they showed a live demo of how IOT works.

The experts explained and used IOT to do various things like set a timer on an LED. Talking about limits, they practically made a “wooh” out of the hall when they used an antenna, some coding and ofcourse IOT to play a song on a radio frequency which they asked us to tune in. After that we played along a little game followed by the usual “Any queries” round.

Any post event writing can be devoted to the event sponsors and hosts as the writings would not be there without the event. In this case, the Chief sponsors (as I recall) were MPCST and Mozilla. Along with the college professors,the organizing committee included Deepak Mewada, Mradul Garg, Chirag Agarwal, Mohit Khandelwal and Charchil Jain whom i would like to thank from my heart for this opportunity.


The only reason I am not explaining the seminar in full is that it cannot be. No movie can be understood better by reviews than by watching it ourselves. If you even stopped by to read this piece of page, you know that internet has and can affect your life in a million ways. So, do visit any future seminars on IOT or any other topic that Mozilla conducts because they will be real good and you can take my word for it.

For more pics of the event- Click Here

Do ask any queries down here. Frame them up if not any.Comments are welcome too.


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